Mate 1.20 on XPS 13

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So I updated to Mate 1.20 and was hoping for the Dynamic Scaling for HiDpi displays to work on my Dell XPS 13, but it did not. I can’t find any documentation related to this topic. Is there some setting I need to activate to get it working?

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3.11, Security 64bit
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I found the feature. It is in MATE Tweaks, under Window.

But it can cause problems when you change it like making the bottom task bar disappear.

Edit: after a reboot, and setting it to HiDPI, the bluetooth, network, and sound manager icons on the top left spaz out a bit.

And the taskbar on the bottom where the word menu is also spazzes out. I’m assuming those do not have a HiDpi version…but that’s just a guess.

It is my opinion that HiDpi mode needs more testing in Parrot.