Meterpreter Session dont appear!

Metasploit not opening.

Meterpreter session meterpreter dont appear.

This is the problem of code logic. It is very simple:

if GetSession == true:
  echo "Session $id is opened"

The problem is it is conflict with code in main interface:

while True:
  echo "msf exploit($current_module)"
  $command = GetInput()

when you have new notification and metasploit print it to stdout, your cli interface won’t be printed out -> your photo.
To fix this, you just need press Enter and metasploit interface will print new line for you.
p/s: To fix this problem, the code should be like this

if GetSession == true:
  echo "Session $id is opened"
  echo "meterpreter>"

Thank you very much.
I am going to try this.

Please tell me if it doesn’t work. If it works perfectly, please mark solution for this topic. Thanks!

It seems to me that the problem was another thing.
After hours trying to fix the connection with msf, I had this second problem, however I realized that it was not the meterpreter itself but the Payload I had created.

Thank you anyways.

please where do i edit the code above?

what do you mean?

I have the same problem, meterpreter not showing up. I have to enter to get a session.

This code your solution :

if GetSession == true:

echo “Session $id is opened”

echo “meterpreter>”

Where do i edit this?

Actually, you HAD a session, but interface doesn’t show the line. It is better if you create an issue on github - metasploit-framework project, or create pull request. I have never touched their source code (controller, interface,…). I know this because I played with python code with interpreter like that. So the answer is I don’t know where is it.

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