Missing Firefox Parrot Profile


Parrot profile of Firefox on my newly installed Parrot 4.8 is missing. Am I missing something or it’s gone on Parrot 4.8?

@palinuro can you please check it?

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Profile Parrot

I’m afraid, yes! :confused:
VirtualBox_Parrot Sec 4.8_03_04_2020_14_55_20 VirtualBox_Parrot Sec_03_04_2020_14_52_08
I see two profiles but not the Parrot profile. On previous versions of Parrot OS, like 4.7, upon execution of Firefox there was a pre-set profile named “Parrot” on which security and extension preferences were set by Parrot team. There’s no such a Parrot profile on Parrot OS 4.8.

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you have fresh 4.8 install or 4.7 or older upgraded?

It is a new 4.8 installation.
Are you seeing something wrong with my capture?

If this is the case, could I orient myself to learn? Thank you.

oh no no. I asked because some users told fresh 4.8 installation doesn’t have Parrot profile.

Ahh ok :slight_smile:

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