Missing poweroff and reboot commands

I just i.nstalled Parrot Sec 4.6 from live boot. installer exited without prompting reboot. I manually restarted the system. Now when I type reboot or poweroff commands in Terminal, it shows “bash: reboot: command not found” or “bash: poweroff: command not found”. Are these commands moved to new ones or my installation is corrupt?

Can you use shutdown -r now for reboot? and shutdown -h now for shutdown?
And which version did you install? KDE or mate?

I have them… Maybe a $PATH issue?

└──╼ $whereis poweroff
poweroff: /sbin/poweroff /usr/share/man/man8/poweroff.8.gz
└──╼ $whereis reboot
reboot: /sbin/reboot /usr/share/man/man2/reboot.2.gz /usr/share/man/man8/reboot.8.gz

If you meant you are having it but commands don’t work so i guess it is definately PATH issue.

Hello @dmknght
I don’t really know if he has them… i was only speaking that it could be, cause i have them and i think i installed 4.6…but i upgraded…
I think is a bit strange not to have those links.

yeah it could be anything. We must wait OP for more information. The command on my machine is fine so maybe live installer created error.


sudo poweroff

[I know after Debian9 ,they added for normal user but still Worth to try

Sorry for the late reply. My account was put on hold.

I am able to use these commands with sudo but not as a normal user.
My terminal also looks like Lubuntu Terminal not like the cool parrot terminal.
I tried reinstalling the OS but it gives error on “Configuring APT” and setup fails.
It works fine in Live Mode.

whereis gives the same output as you.

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