Multiple OS one system

I am looking to install Parrot Sec / Ubuntu Studio / Win 7 side by side on one system. What is the best way to do this? Partition sizes and installation order / bootloader etc…

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Welcome, to partial answer your question, it depends on which OS you want as your primary,
let us assume you want Ubuntu as your main system, then first you will need to install Windows
once this is set up, you must then go to the BIOS and deactivate windows quick start [usually found in battery settings] and re-boot, you can now install Parrot choosing alongside windows and finally Ubuntu, again choosing to install alongside other systems, now when Ubuntu installs Grub it will override the others and be the primary system, when you boot up,
WARNING Windows updates have a habit of braking Linux boot, if this happens you will have to deactivate windows quick start again and possibly re-install grub, this article will tell you more, [It’s for W10 but applies equally to W7/W8 &W11]
The burning of the ISO, the application I prefer is Ballina - Etcher
Basic installation for both versions of Linux is the same, if you are unsure on how to do this, you can find My instructions here… How Do I Install Linux (A General Guide) • (

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