My Parrot is freeze

My Parrot is freeze but the mouse working
Help me please I love this system but i can not working :frowning:


we need more infos please! :wink:
is it from time to time or does it happen at certain intervals?

after a hard reboot is there something with error or warning in the logs?
some reconnaissance by yourself will helps you to power-up your skills and us to pinpoint and eliminate the fault! :wink:

hoping you aren’t running applications that use high ram performance ?
please be clear what really happened b4 and after the freezing… :slight_smile:

I had a couple of crash few months ago. when I launched stuff like atom and X kept crashing. It wasnt a ram issue. I have 16Gigs. 8Gigs is usually free. Nor could it be a Gpu or CPU issue. i7 7th gen.

The issue was fixed a few weeks later. Not sure what was causing that :slight_smile:

Im having this same issue, I have a passworded Zip open and it crashes as i alt tab to Brave Browser, Thats all i have going at the moment of the crash, 8gb of ram, i7 6500u cpu. I want to know the reason for the freezing as well.

Edit: so it’s not freezing, if you use a USB mouse unplug and replug it, it will work again. Touch pad works fine with no issue

im not sure but parrot team always try to update of editor suitable with parrot os cause atom was autoremoved in my recent update try using pluma ,geany, nano, vim and vscodium they dont crash the system. i hope thats helpful.sorry for late reply i have bad internet connection on my side

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