My Virtual Machine Keeps Freezing, Please help!

Hi guys, I am running ParrotSec on a VMWare.
The problem is, whenever I try multi-tasking like(For Example-FireFox+BurpSuite or anything with 2-3 windows open), my Virtual Machine keeps Freezing. The thing that shows Possibly resources use,
(Green and Red combo), that fills up, and I am not able to do anything. Please help me what settings should I change so I can run things smoothly.

The configuration I have provided is
RAM Size- 3.3 GB
SSD Allocated-40 GBs
Video Memory- 768MB

+ParrotSec information:
Desktop Environment- KDE
Version- 4.11

  • Hypervisor used:
    Not Really sure, msinfo32 did say, HyperVisor Detected.

  • Logs/Terminal output (use pastebin or similar services):

  • Screenshots:

You need put more ram on configurations for sure, also better don’t try upgrade your system while you running it on a virtual machine with low specs it will freeze.

Thank you for your suggestions.
My Host Machine has 8 GB of Memory, To run even smoothly, how much RAM should I allocate to the virtual machine?

To run smoothly depends on processor and cores, if you don’t have a strong processor don’t try add more than 2 cores, your system will freeze/crash

My System is based on AMD CPU with 6 cores and 12 Threads,
I am afraid if I allocate more cores my host system might slow down.

So, how many cores can I allocate for my VM?

I experienced a lot of freezing on Parrot while running on VMware (on a Windows 10 host).

My advice:

Instead of bells and whistles, pretty KDE Plasma try installing the parrot-xfce desktop and choosing it from the login screen.

sudo apt install parrot-xfce

Firefox is, unfortunately, a resource hog and is usually the top CPU user when htop is run. Burp Suite has it’s own built-in chromium browser. I use the web browser Falkon when I need to do some research inside the VM. It uses less resources than Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Brave, Tor Browser, etc.

sudo apt install falkon

I usually set my Parrot VM guest to use 4 GB of RAM and give it one processor and two cores. My host machine is an older i5 3rd gen, non-SSD SATA drives, but with 16 GB of RAM.

Two weeks ago I wiped my drive of Windows 10 and installed Parrot (KDE Plasma, Mate, XFCE, OpenBox) on the entire drive. Now I use VMware to run multiple Linux, macOSX, and Windows (XP, 7, 10, Server 2016, Metasploitable3) guests.