natural scrolling

Im used to “natural scrolling”, i.e. the contents are moving upwards if I scroll upward and vice versa. This can easily be set in the system settings in Kali and on Windows 10 it can be tweaked in “RegEdit”, but I cannot find this option in Parrot.

Ive seached the the web for help where I searched for “natural scrolling debian testing”, which Parrot is built on, and got some hits on some ubuntu-user who had written a script, but it seemed not to work satisfactory.

Does anyone know which .conf -file that can be tweaked so I can get natural scrolling on my system?

Thanks in advance!

FYI, I downloaded and installed the latest 4.7-version of Parrot.

maybe i am wrong but its under controllcenter mouse/touchpad settings. let me check it later

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