Need help with Anonsurf and Tor

First know that I am a Linux noob. I am Windows junkie since it was developed.
In fact my first pc only had dos on it.

I installed Parrot v4.7 with Kde, Standard install on an SSD. Not configured for multiboot.
Grub in installed on the SSD as well. When I boot my system it goes directly to Windows 10.
When I want to use Parrot I boot and go into the bios and selected the Parrot drive.
This is the way I want all to work and it works well.

Starting Anonsurf and using Firefox sometimes works. When it does work I have a different ip address, when if doesn’t work I have my regular ip address.

Anonsurf displays that it started Tor. But no Tor shows. However Tor is in the process list.
I am assuming that the problem is permissions.

If I don’t use Anonsurf Tor does work, although I don’t know how to use it yet. No errors show at all.
And I do have a different ip address.

Question is why does Anonsurf not start up Tor correctly? Or should I ask why Tor does not display?
Next question is how to set up Tor to use if safely and access the hidden onion web?

Hi @McNut,

When you say Anonsurf displays that it started Tor but no Tor shows, what are you expecting to happen? When you start Anonsurf, it starts Tor and runs all your traffic through Tor. This means that if you are browsing with Firefox, or using the terminal, all traffic will be routed through Tor. If you just want to connect to .onion sites, you can use the Tor Browser which is installed by default in Parrot. Note*: When using the Tor Browser, only connections via Tor Browser are routed through Tor. Your other network traffic (i.e. Spotify, terminal, Firefox) will not be routed through Tor, it will go through your ISP.

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im very sure firefox get routed though tor , because when i open up “doileak” with anonsurf activated using firefox it still says i’m on a proxy ,and the same with Discord btw

He is saying if you use tor-browser, the only traffic going through tor is whats in that browser. Everything else follows the normal routing table (e.g clearnet).

But you are right that if you use anonsurf, everything goes through tor.


When Anonsurf displays in Terminal that it started Tor, I thought Tor would display to be used.
However, now I do understand what you have stated.

After browsing the Internet about onion stuff I think that I will stay away from it.

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