Netgear AC 1900 USB Wifi adaptor no longer functioning

When I first installed Parrot 4.10 my Netgear AC1900 USB WIFI adapter worked fine. There after I did the update/upgrade. After this it continued to work until I rebooted. After the reboot the adapter is no longer functioning or recognized. Please advise.


If your update installed a new Kernel, the newer kernel may have created an incompatibility issue with your specific driver (happened recently to 8723de).

Try installing/booting into an older kernel, see if it works there. If this does not work, we would need more information specific to your problem.

You may want to check the github/gitlab for recent issues.

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also having this issue with TP-Link Archer T2U Plus AC600, cant connect with hardwired connection to my phones mobile hotspot either.

Lastest update fucked up something :confused:

cant use hotspot/tethering usb/bluetooth

and also have problem to use vpn with openvpn

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