Network Killed

Got hit on two devices within minutes by what appears to be a hack, that was running Parrot. It takes two weeks for me to set up a hard drive to run what I do. My issue… parrot connects to my router, but none of my apps can get out past that point. I can get out by using the tor anon surf app, but it keeps dropping that. I was connected to proton vpn at the time these devices went down, and anon surf was not running. have been set up that way for a couple weeks now, and use the net thru a virtual box to do my work, which does not involve hacking. I use this os for what I thought was a secure linux system. This may be a bug that needs fixed, but two devices within an hour says alot. thing is, the only connects I was on is facebook and youtube, so what does that tell us about their hired guns. I’m an activist.

u say that proton vpn was running at the time the network went out, was it running on the host machine or on the virtual parrotOS? if it was running on the parrot machine, try running command dnstool status. If address is set to Custom, try running sudo dnstool address parrot or sudo dnstool address opennic and checking to see if network connection works then