New to Parrot Os

hello world,

make’n the big switch from kali to parrot. been running parrot on VM for the last few week’s. absolutely love’n it, wishing i would have made the switch a while ago.

so my question is; has any one ever put parrot on a system 76 laptop ,and if so was there any problems. any suggestions on a image !! just looking for suggestions

should be getting the my new step up by the ended of the week, :grinning:

look forward on joining the parrot community .

Welcome @Shadow_Keeper :slight_smile:

I have no personal experience with System 76 but since they are known for Linux compability I see no reason why you would have any trouble installing it :+1:

64bit image either MATE/KDE should work well for you. Personally I like the Security as it includes extra tools you may (or may not) need. Home edition is a bit more lightweight

Check out descriptions here:

hey, thanks for the input mandingo.

Thinking about going with Parrot Security.

KDE or Mate now thats the question , both of them are great in there own way’s…

is there a noticeable difference between the two, on parrot?

havent got my laptop yet, shipping is saying tomorrow!

Buenos días bro, ambos entornos tienen lo suyo, uno es más amigable para los usuarios que vienen de windows y que usualmente están acostumbrados a ese panel, Mate se entiende facilmente por lo visual, ya que tiene un panel en el que se van acumulando los programas abiertos, aunque éste puede estar arriba o abajo, KDE Y MATE ofrecen el equilibrio perfecto entre velocidad, estabilidad y configuración, si deseamos consumir menos recursos o como decimos en la comunidad (Linuxera) “Resucitar un ordenador” éstos son perfectos.

More devs use mate

yeh, just wondering if there was a difference between the two on parrot,

Thank’s for the reply everyone, good thing for google translation,

thinking i might try KDE for a while,

Runing into a little problem, when trying to install parrot os security , its not detected my wifi card,

was working fine on ubunut 20.

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