New tools in 4.7 and 4.8

By now we are having these tools on repository:

  • bashfuscator: command obfuscation tool
  • filegps: brute force your web shell name on target
  • shellpop: generate reverse shell (no need to check reverse shell cheatsheet anymore)
  • Linenum: Linux priv esc enumeration script. Check man enum for quick remote execution.

We are going to add these tools on our repository as soon as possible:

  • mimipenguin: Mimikatz like on Linux target
  • findmyhash 2.0: a folk of findmyhash which search hashes on online services.
  • parsero: robots.txt audit. This is a patch of Parrot Dev team. This new patch support more input format instead of only domain format
  • hashkiller-searcher: Search for hashes on service. Created by Parrot dev team.
  • radare2-ghidra-dec: ghidra decompiler plugin for radare2 framework and radare2-cutter (radare2 GUI).

We are also testing the OnlyOffice which is a new office suite that compatible with MS Office formats and open office formats. I personally think this is a good replacement for Libre Office. With OnlyOffice, everybody can bring Parrot OS to the office.


Fine, it’s just a wonderful New Year’s present. Thank you, it’s a really great gesture from you.


We also included owasp-zsc from a long time ago. Totally forget about it!


Will this be included in the 4.8 ISO, and when should we see the final 4.8 release? Thanks!

I don’t think we should add it in pre-installed list. We are going to rework the pre-installed list after version 4.8. By now, the default list will not be changed.

We are having small trouble with our server. It should be on repo when we fix the server and test on beta branch

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That sounds great. I hope you all get it figured out and have a great Christmas / New Years.

all packages are being compiled and uploaded on the repository soon
I completely forgot about new themes last weekend.I have to do it tonight (if my brain doesn’t completely be useless and forget about it)

The new theme is packaged. We are focusing on changes for 4.8. Hopefully everything will be completed in this week


I am running 4.8 experimental and I haven’t had 1 bug or any issues whatsoever super smooth stable and more polished , cheers to the dev’s your hard work is appreciated we have the best community here


I would love to see more tools for cms besides WPScan. Any additions to that i would simply love it.
Looking forward to test 4.8.

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hm i forgot about it. Gonna check a solution for this.


I also think we removed old vinagre or something (remote desktop) to remmina which is better IMO

Let me know when OnlyOffice works on parrot, have had dependancy problems in most debian based distros lately, I will try it again later on, it ran ok in jessie based distros, thou. (my 2 cents)

I emailed the OnyOffice team for sharing debianized (includes compile rules, …) and i got no reply. That is so mean.

Would it be possible to add software QuickHash and “tree” command? QuickHash is a software that comparing two files or folders and more by hashes. And a “tree” command display contents of the working directory and recursively showing sub-directories and files. Would it be possible to add this to the full version of Parrot OS 4.8, especially to the live distribution?

Thank you and have a nice day

Debian has diff toolkit.

install it manually

Diff Toolkit? OK, I look on it today.

Of course, I can install tree command manually to my PC, but how to install it to Live Distribution, when I cant use internet in my job - i need Security Live Distribution to boot on any PC.

Use ls with flags

So, I tried the “ls” command with flags “-aR” and I saw everything, but very confusingly. If you try the “tree” command, you will see, that it has the much organized output. The “tree” command is still better for me.

I tried the “diff” command and it works. This is a good news. But QuickHash is more comfortable, because this app has a GUI. Next plus is, that QuickHash can compare a file with hash, which you specified manually, or can copy files and make hash and re-hash the copies and compare this hashes.

I thought, that when the CAINE 10 or 11 has a both of them, my favourite Linux Distribution - Parrot OS, could has it too. But I understand, that everything can be solved by other way.

Thank you for your help and have a nice day

Just a thought – Since we have Firefox as our “default” web browser, why not upgrade it to the Developer Edition which provides a good bit more tools?