No Bluetooth Adapters available

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Hello All,

I have bought a new laptop ‘ASUS k513 i5 11th gen’. it had windows 10 installed by default. I removed that and installed Parrot OS Home KDE.
Yet it is working fine but when it comes to bluetooth, it is not working. Hardware for bluetooth is available in machine but don’t know why it is not being detected.

When I open bluetooth panel, it gives a message saying ‘No Bluetooth Adapters Available’

Parrot version in use


Kernel version



was the BT working on Win 10??

Also check :

sudo service bluetooth status

also check

sudo service bluetooth status

I installed the Parrot OS just after getting it. So didn’t check BT on windows.

Status was active (running)

Hi. It is usually built into the wifi card, but the driver is probably missing here. Find your wifi card model and download/install the driver.