no bootable device after install

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble getting my install working. I am using the ‘erase disk’ option in the installer, which creates two partitions: one 300mb FAT32 boot partition and another main Btrfs partition comprising the rest of the SSD. The install throws no errors, but then when I try to reboot into the install (on metal-- Dell XPS 13), I just get a ‘no bootable device’ message. If I log back into the live USB and check the boot partition flags, the boot partition has boot and esp flags. I also tried removing the live USB and hitting F12 to check the boot screen, and no UEFI options even appear-- just a legacy boot option for the SSD. The BIOS settings should be right-- UEFI, secure boot off.

I tried reinstalling a few times, with the same result. I found a couple older posts running into this error, but found no workable answers in either. I’ve installed various distros many times on this machine and have no clue what is happening.

Thanks for any thoughts!

parrot v 5.0

linux 5.14.0

Hello, I think that grub has not been installed (check the installation procedure, when you are on Calamares), so it does not appear. Basically you don’t have the bootloader, so it could never boot even if it is installed.

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