no longer handled by the NVIDIA driver

My parrot os version is 4.9 of KDE. My Nvidia Driver is GeForce GT 525M. i can not install driver. I did all these install

  1. sudo apt update && sudo apt install bumblebee primus
    after i installed that and tried this one. this is the error " optirun glxgears"
    after that i did
    2.sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf and i wrote all things. and reboot my the laptop.
  2. after i tried to install this one " sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-driver " . next error was and i click no.

my laptop model is dell inspiron 5110. please help me slove this problem. i tried to install nvidia bs HDMI is not working… Thank you.

@dmknght @tissy @I_Have_Treasure Any suggestion abut this problem?

Do what it said about other package and switch driver and try

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i did it. but HDMI is not working and time to time screen is flickering ( white screen is coming and going). please tell me how to solve this problem.

I’m using the same driver you use (nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver) for my GTX 550ti, works perfectly, I have no tested mini HDMI, but both DVI work perfectly. I think the only difference (apart from Desktop GPU and Mobile GPU) is that I don’t like to use Hardware Acceleration on browsers (Firefox and/or Chromiun) so I have Hardware Acceleration (or GPU acceleration) Off in my browsers. As that models are no longer handled by nvidia maybe with browsers hardware acceleration on using the GPU comes this flickering issues. I will check tomorrow and update this post. Regards!

I think no one give a solution for this.

Tried this?

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