no sound all playback devices are forced muted

*I have just dual booted parrot os 4.11.2 version kde plasma on dell inspiron 5509 along with windows 10 but there’s a problem that I can’t hear any sound from videos etc . And on home screen on sound icon it’s red crossed and showing all playback devices are forced mute.
please help me to fix this problem. *

  • Parrot version in use :

Parrot os 4.11.2 kde plasma

  • Kernel version :


sudo apt install inxi

You may want to post the output in your next post from the output of

inxi -SMA


sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio

sudo alsa force-reload

PS: Try running


inxi-SMA output

note: I just switch to mate desktop in a hope that sound may work but still the same issue .

root user also giving same output alsa command not found


take a look on this also .....I think it's not detecting the sound card .......

Well, now that we know what sound system\driver you are using, we can Google-around searching for potential answers.

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