No Sound since recent updates

So I have two different laptops with the latest Parrot OS installed. Both of them recently lost the sound card. It shows on dummy card. Was working just fine before the most recent updates. I find it hard to believe it was something I did when it happened on both at the same time. What’s going on guys? Is there a fix on the way? Is there a fix I can do? About to install another OS entirely because I HAVE to have sound to work. Which would suck because I LOVE Parrot OS. PLEASE HELP…

open up teriminal,

type alsamixer…

should bring you to a audio mixer, in which use the arrow keys to navigate left and right of the Mixer. look for the ones that have a Letter “M” select the ones with “M” and PRESS “M” on your keyboard to disable.

also I ran into the same problem were after that the sound still wasn’t on. so scroll down to the end, where it say’s LOOPBACK (Disabled) press up/down on Key pad and ENABLE and also ENABLE "Auto Mutli ".

I didn’t have sound for awhile on my DELL Latitude

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That worked perfectly thank you!