No Upper or Lower Menu Bars(Panels)

When changing the screen resolution, these bars disappear.

Two Cases:

  1. 13.3 Laptop Screen with 4K display, the font is too small. So changed screen resolution to 1920x1080. After rebooting the machine, I can no longer see the menu bars. I basically only can do Ctrl-T to launch a terminal, not even sure how to revert back from here.

  2. 17.3 Laptop Screen with 1440P display, programs and menus are also hard to see. When I changed the screen resolution to 1920x1080, the lower menu bar (panel) immediately disappear. I was able to revert back because I have the upper menu bar an running Nvidia server which is where I did the changes for this laptop not in Displays.

The reason why I did the screen resolution is because there is no option like in windows to do resize appearance by parentage like 100X -200X. I really don’t want to change font size, since this doesn’t change everything equally. This also doesn’t solve the second issue below.

Another Issue:
When having multiple monitors, the menu bar is not present. I didn’t change screen resolution on those screens, the are also 1920x1080. So when I applications on those other screen not main laptop screen; if I minimize an application, I won’t be able to bring back, unless I do Alt-Tab to find the app.

I’m running the latest update/upgrade for parrot 4.4 on both laptops. This is running MATE and insallation via usb.