No wifi after using wifite

After using the wifite tool, I got disconnected like expected. But after i finished my session and tried to reconnect, no Networks were found. It took me about 20 minutes to get reconnected. And I don’t know how.
Is this normal?

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If you were on monitor mode, and when you are back to managed, it’s normal to not be able to use, and maybe in those 20mins your network manager was restarted.

Found a solution, I forgot to disable monitor mode.
Another question: can you skip waiting for PMKID?

Read the tool’s documentation, this is a support thread for the OS.

At the end of your operation always disable monitor mode by running sudo airmon-ng stop interface

its coz you are in minitor mode

to disable it open your teminal and type sudo airgeddon i think i forgot spelling lol

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