Noob USB encrypted persistence

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I’m following this guide
These are the steps I took
I downloaded lastest parrotsec 64bit & verified the images.
1). Wrote the image with etcher/not rosa
2). I did not format the drive before I wrote the image it was a brand new USB
3). Plugged in USB booted into live
4). Pulled up gparted and I couldn’t select new and type persistence.
5). Realized I didn’t format the drive, before I wrote the image with etcher,
6). I tried to wipe/format with FAT32 the drive says it’s wiped when I use rosa it gets to 99% and then it says theirs an error every time.
7). I’m using windows 10 how exactly do I wipe the drive, format it and write the image with ROSA? I understand the guide is easy to follow but I have never formatted a USB drive before.

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Can’t install

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)
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hey Im new to using linux as well. I found this site really help full.
I use this one my self and a few others on this site and I have for some time. Hope this helps you.

if this doesnt work message me back ill see if i can help