Not Able To Play Netflix On Firefox!

Hi Friends,

I am not able to play Netflix on Firefox. Any idea where I could be going wrong? I am not getting any error codes or Popups as such.

Have you tried disabling noscript?

Hello @WillyTerry :slight_smile:

As @KidKlown mentioned, it maybe probably be issue regarding JS or Video codec. Noscript or other such similar content blocking addon might be causing the issue.

Make sure to either disable the addon or (I suggest) whitelist the domains :,, and because netflix utilizes DRM (Digital Rights Management) provided my microsoft (Silverlight DRM)

Let us know how it goes.

Cheers! :blush:

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Perfect. DRM had the clue to it. I was able to get it working following the steps here

Good to hear that the issue has been solved :blush:

If I’m not mistaken, Play DRM protected content has been enabled by default unless changed manually. Please do mind correcting me If I’m wrong.

Also, If in future you face any issues on HBOLive or Hulu, Keep a note of this thread.

Cheers! :blush:

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