Notebook Lid Action

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When closing the notebook lid the OS dosent’t seem to ask for a password, Nor does it go to hibernate mode

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Latest + AMD64 + GNOME

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Welcome to the ParrotOS Community :hugs:

Locate “Power Management Preferences”
(either right clicking on your battery status icon or by Menu Search)

then change the Preferences there
AC Power :
Battery Power :


thank you for your help. But im afraid my system looks diffrent:

Hi Michael.
Only a thought but are you sure you accessed configuration from the desktop battery indicator. If you can do it this way and not from the settings menu i think you will have better luck.
Hope you can resolve your power problems.


@bing Thanks for your reply. Im 100% positive the view i get . Regards

no worries

I had to install the software manually. I found it by searching for it on the “store”

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