NS3 on parrot OS

Hey everyone, I’m new to parrot OS so what I’m asking might sound odd, but, I’m a student and we were told to install MySQL and NS-3 on our computers for a couple of our courses. I managed to find tutorials and such for how to get them in ubuntu but wasn’t able to find any resources for parrot OS, now both Ubuntu and parrot are Debian based so I know there are similarities between them like commands and such but I don’t know how similar installation of programs would be so I’m asking my question here. I’d appreciate any help or information regarding how I can install those 2 programs in parrot OS, or any suitable equivalents to them. Or is it just better to run ubuntu through a VM and use it that way? (I am using a 2015 MacBook Pro with an I5 and 8gb ram and 128gb ssd. If that helps for determining the VM part of the question) thank you all in advance and have a great day!

Any guide you find for Debian, follow it. It will work for Parrot (as Parrot is built off of Debian).

For best compatability/quick start, install from apt command/Synaptic to grab from Parrot. You can absolutely use Parrot for this. Good luck!

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Thank you for the information! I’ll give it a shot and see if it works. Cheers :slight_smile:

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yeah you can follow any tutorials that you find for debian as @RightToPrivacy suggested.
To check whether your desired package is on official repo or not you can use
apt search packageName command replace packageName with your desired package name.
and then if the package exits, you can always install it using
apt install packageName

You have chosen a wonderful distro and hope you have the best time using it.


First install all the dependencies one by one under the pre-requisite section in below mention ns3 website. ( while installing dependencies you should write in the google search “download [dependency] for debian 10)”
Then install the ns3 simulator. All the steps are mentioned. Its super easy. I have install it.

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