Nvidia Drivers


I have been using ParrotOS live for several years now, which prompted me to install Parrot as the main system because it is perfectly suited for my daily use.

Only one (big) problem, the Nvidia drivers …

When I open the Parrot system monitor, in the “graphics”, I see : “Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 530” displayed, except that I would like to use my nvidia 950m graphics card.

However, I did install the Nvidia drivers.

To know: on Ubuntu, I have no problem with the installation of my drivers via the “update” option of Ubuntu, and they work perfectly.

Do you have a solution ?

I am using the latest version of Parrot Security (4.9.1), that I installed with the standard method, without multiboot.

Screenshot at 2020-05-13 00-01-19
Screenshot at 2020-05-13 00-01-43

Have you checked our documentation about installing nvidia-drivers? be sure to check your model to match the right drivers

Yes, I have already followed all of these steps.

Besides, namely:
I have the Nvidia 950M graphics card. I have to use nomodeset or ascpi=off (grub) when I turn on my computer, otherwise I get stuck on a screen, I have the same problem with other linux distributions. And I can’t use “bumblebee primus”, when I install it and restart my computer, a black screen appears, I have to go into recovery mode to uninstall bumblebee primus, and it works again.

Here is the driver that I use with Ubuntu (and that works perfectly) :

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