Parrot 4.3 beta tester program

Parrot 4.3 is almost ready and we want you to test it and report us what works and what needs to be fixed before the final release.

This is not the proper place where to post your ideas and tips. Use the Parrot 4.3 development discussions topic to discuss opinions and ideas

These are the instructions for Parrot 4.3 beta testers:

download zone
if you want to become a Parrot beta tester, you have to download the latest beta images from

things that need to be tested
Use the system in all the possible conditions both in live mode and installed on virtual machines and real hardware, both in standard and uncommon configurations, but please don’t report errors for configurations that are not meant to work on Debian.

how to report bugs
We expect our beta testers to write a final report that collects the result of all their tests, and to report both working and broken things, and eventually suggest how to solve issues (if a solution is known by the tester).

This report have to be posted as a comment to this topic.

In case of confidential reports, we also take in consideration all the reports sent to palinuro AT parrotsec DOT org or team AT parrotsec DOT org, but we strongly prefer comments to this topic.

what a beta tester is not supposed to do
Parrot is not a software, it is a whole operating system. An operating system, by definition, is a collection of many many system components and completely independent programs that we don’t develop.

Reports released after the final stable release may not be taken in consideration, but if you spot something important, we may decide to schedule a new emergency release that addresses critical bugs, but we consider these cases as exceptions, and latecomers are usually just ignored

If a parrot bug is caused by a bug in a specific parrot software, that bug should be reported to that program developers, and not to the parrot developers.

Brief comments are not full reports. Don’t comment to this topic if you don’t have a complete report. So help us to keep this topic as clean as possible. Discussions have their dedicated topic

Tests done on older versions of the system make no sense for us, as the purpose of this beta testing program is to spot issues on the ISO files for Parrot 4.2 that the release team proposes during the beta testing phase