Parrot 4.7.1 beta - broke (again)

Ok - just installed Parrot v4.7.1 (aug 3) and it does not even boot - at all - goes into BusyBox v1.30.1 (Debian 1:1.30.1-4) - what’s with that? I setup a 400mb /boot and the rest as encrypted (as I ususually) do with manual config - but just does not work.

Same as with the Parrot v4.7 build (last week) - I installed that 3 or 4 times and after installing grub and reboot - it never booted - no boot partition or anything. Really poor.

Not one Parrot v4.7 beta build has booted yet - what is going no here? - and all that after the community forum etc were out for days (almost a week) and almost zero communication from the Parrot team.

I am beginning to think that Parrot crew are beginning to “loose it” - is this true? I certainly hope not - Don’t get me wrong - I think this is the best build out there so please keep it real and keep it professional - it does not look good when builds don’t boot and swathes of infrastructure go missing days on end with no communication.


first of all, its true!
it doesn’ t looks good for a project to be offline for such a long time.
but let me clear 2 things:

  1. don’ t forget that this is a community of non profit people and they give here best as possible.

  2. 4.7 is beta … in other word … would it be free from errors … it wouldn’t be beta. :wink:

i know that these are not nice but all the membert are working hard the last days/ week to fix all the things … please be patient!


read this too!!


Honestly - this is the best build bar none IMHO - and I am still here :slight_smile: ( just hate wasting my Sundays trying to get things to work - I spend all week doing that already :wink:

(Gagging to ge my hands on a polished v4.7 with tongue hanging out…)

Thanks Team Parrot!

I know this only too well! :wink:

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