Parrot 4.7 ETA Release Date?

When does the Parrot Team expect a polished shiny ISO to be ready for release?

I ask as I have 4 machines to stage and 2 laptops - I would rather blitz them all with v4.7 - but not till it’s released.

Ps - noticed there is a new updated v4.7.1 ISO image just available…

Well, they had issues with the 4.7 ISO a few months back, then their service outage issue hit. Hopefully everything can get back on track.

But hey, look on the bright side: Since the 4.7 ISO is later than usually expected, it will have newer updates in live mode. :smiley:

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when all the problems are eliminated!
I’m sorry. I can not say more because it would be speculation.

hmmmm - that last ISO (the third) still does not even boot properly - I will stop testing now and will never test another Parrot beta distroy - I wasted hours on the last three.

I will wait as I should for final release. If the team cannoteven get a version that boots correctly, and more importantly was not even tested then they should not even have a link on the main download page - it is a total shame.

I do not think that the sense of a community is in the quiet little circle of volunteers to test and then to present the finished product.
But i think one of the main problems of our society that people have forgotten to talk to each other and to tackle problems together!

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when it’s ready! we need to fix a bug in the imitramfs update process

feel free to install 4.6 and upgrade the system with sudo parrot-upgrade or download the 4.7 release and contact someone of the staff who can help you rewriting the broken initramfs with a working one to circumvent the initramfs bug

yes i have refreshed the beta (but still broken) images with more recent ones because we have releases some big sandbox updates and many security fixes

worst week of this year, and our development process was slown down

in fact i would like to ship it with the latest linux 5.2 kernel and provide the new blender 2.80 version as a gift to the community for thia huge relewse delay

beta versions are made for developers whovwant to help us fixing all the bugs that stop us from releasing a new version. sorry for not being clear enough and not teaching our users how open source development works

don’t be rude and don’t talk about thinga you barely know!

if you know where the initramfs bug come from, then we are all waiting for your pull request on and we all believe you are very arrogant in not having shared your awesome solution with us while complaining with how we develop stuff.

if i go to the parrot website and i press on the download button, the only ISO i can get is the 4.6 version. the only place where i can download the 4.7 release is from a link in the homepage that EXPLICITLY SAY THAT IT IS A FUCKING BETA IMAGE! NOT STABLE, BUT BETA!


and again, in you believe that we are incompetent, then we are all waiting for your pull request. seriously!

and if you hate us so much to not want to contribute to the project, we strongly invite you to build a parrot derivative with yournown fixes and release deadlines, we will be more than happy to help you as much as we can in your awesome derivative develpoment journey

otherwise the parrot 4.7 beta image will remain a BETA image released for developers and people who want to help us, and from your not-existing nest/github contribution history i can suppose that you are none of them


very important side note

we develop parrot for free, and no one pays us to contribute to the project. did you know that?

i, the parrot os founder and current team leader, have to pay thousands of euros every year because the donations are not enough to cover the costs of the parrot infrasteucture.

yes, you heard it correctly! i don’t receive money to make parrot. i have to pay instead! and yet i’m still here with alarms waking me up in the middle of the night because i have to deliver security updates as fast as possible to people who hate me and hate what i do and claim that i don’t do enough for them even if they have no idea of what i do for them.


Hey @palinuro, it can’t be easy doing all of this for free. Just know that a lot of us are very greatful for the hard work you and your team put in to making Parrot OS, and just ignore people like user42. They can’t appreciate what’s been given to them free of charge. Plus, don’t be afraid to take a hiatus once in a while if the stress of the project gets to you. :slight_smile:

Oh, and a latest kernel would be greatly appreciated.

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no way, i’m not going to take a break and leave the system unpatched


Now you don’t be rude - It was just constructive criticism nothing more - But I stand by my point.

BETA or not - if it does not even boot (Hello!) - it should not be issued - but this entirely up to you. But I cannot even imagine downloading for exmaple - Mint, or Debian BETA that would not even boot afera lengthy installation. Once? ok, Twice - maybe. Three times in a row? And no one on the team noticed that at all?

Do as you wish Palinuro - but it reflects poorly on an otherwise excellent distribution and does not help Parrots credibilty.

We? - Is that the “Royal We” ? :wink: For what it’s worth Palinuro I DID share my discoveries after many wasted hours - I use LUKS encryption as standard and it was slightly more complicated to fix:

Well done to all who make and help the Parrot OS. As to user42 instead of moaning why not get involved ? Everyone wants something for nothing especially in the OS / Software department, and the people who give there free time should be appreciated. And don`t need negative shit from anyone, or you could go to windows if your that disappointed, but guess what you will have to pay for that unless you using cracked or patched software.

Just my 2 pennies worth :slight_smile:

@palinuro keep up the fantastic work we all appreciate it :):smile:


the beta version boots properly in live mode and it passed all the live tests.
the only thing that does not work is the boot of the installation version, which is why it is still in beta with developers working to figure out why the initramfs is incomplete.

there are known workarounds to make it boot after the installation, and they work flawlessly. but as i said, live boot works and the image is still experimental, and was released with the only purpose of letting devs fix it.

if the bug is still open then installing it many times is not going to fix the problem. as i said we have a severe bug and we need a broken image to let developers work on it. this is what testing releases are made for. beta releases of debian, mint and other distributions have the same exact goal: to let developers test the release and work on things that need to be done.
usually the average system usability is granted, and bugs are minor imperfections that the final user doesn’t even notice. sometimes bugs are more serious and people may complain like you did.

there is ONLY one reason why i have triggered the build process and published such broken iso files as beta is because we are all aware of the issue and we all need a broken image to work on if we want to fix the bug as fast as possible.

yes you heard it right: the broken image was published BECAUSE we know it is broken and because we all need to work on that particular broken image to solve the bug

previous parrot beta images were more usable for final users because release bugs were somewhere else and people didn’t noticed them during the first days of usage, but now the bug is more evident and people can not install the system, which is what is pushing you to build a bad opinion of our work, but we really need our beta image to be available to our developers to work together on this bug, otherwise we can’t release the new 4.7 version.

please, judge us from our stable release from the download page. download it, try it, yell at us for what does not work there, but please don’t judge us this way for how stable and reliable are some work-in-progress iso files that we have explicitly flagged as experimental


We should change Beta version to bug version and see how the world judge it. It will be fun.

  • This bug version has a lot of bug
  • I found no bug in this Bug version

then when you have ungrateful users Bugging you about the Bug Version, you can tell them “don’t bug me about the buggy Bug Version” :rofl:


The resident Slackware greybeard recognizes the new Benevolent Dictator for Life! Hail Lorenzo!

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This is not a right topic to discuss virtualbox erorrs, please make a separate topic.

but it is the right topic where to discuss my dictatorship with some greybeard slackware users :banana:


the latest beta5 release of parrot 4.7 works, and it is ready to be released.

we are waiting some minor fixes to be packaged, compiled and included, but the release development is ready!


Great work to you and the team!

Vincere! E vinceremo

P.s. No offence, just couldn’t hold it. ))