Parrot 5.0 Home Edition - OS suddenly using different DE?

I downloaded and installed Parrot Home with KDE Plasma and have been using that for a few days now. Today, I woke my PC from sleep, and it had a black screen and nothing happened. Because I needed to take my SSD and this system to vocational school today, I forced a shutdown. First I tried the power button, which didn’t cut it, so I literally pulled the plug, as I was running out of time. Now I booted Parrot OS on my computer at school, and suddenly I am seeing that MATE somehow replaced KDE Plasma. How and why did that happen? And how do I fix this - should I just reinstall Plasma, or can I somehow restore it with my previous configuration?

Turned out I derped big time, and my assumption that it was related to the forced shutdown was wrong. My mistake was at the Synaptic Package Manager. I had uninstalled Kate with “complete removal”, which also removed the packages “parrot-kde” and “kde-standard”. This is where I should’ve noticed that something was wrong, but I ignored it; that one’s on me. So, lesson learned: I should pay more attention to what packages are being removed.

So the solution was just reinstalling “parrot-kde” and my entire KDE Plasma configuration was also still there.

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