Parrot, AMD ryzen 7 3800xt & RTX 3060 ti

I installed parrot on my second SSD on my new build recently and attempted to install the NVIDIA drivers as well. After installation and upon reboot I was greeted with the black screen and blinking cursor… Quickly sifting through searches for fixes I stumbled upon the “beta” drivers for linux that haven’t officially been released for download for my 3060 ti. I can only assume that this would be my issue. But I do feel there is something else lurking. I absolutely love using parrot outside VM’s. I got a secondary SSD for this build exactly for that reason. I have dual booted parrot on my laptop for the last year and it is intel with a 2070 max q. No issues. Maybe I’m still just a script kiddie but I havent had such issues with dual booting before

I don’t think latest version of nvidia-driver supports 3xxx family