Parrot black screen

Hi, I was trying to install parrot throughout the Virtualbox but it shows a black screen and nothing happens.

And when I click to install it gets stuck on a black screen with no response

I use the parrot security version: Parrot-security-5.0_amd64
With VirtualBox.

I think that the problem may be that I had only a 32bit option when I have configured the system, is that mean that I cant run parrot at all?

Looks that way, The only download I see on the web page is for amd64 arch

Hi. What host operating system are you running? If you only have 32-bit options to create a VirtualBox guest, you are probably running the 32-bit version of VirtualBox, probably on a 32-bit host OS.

PS: There is now a 32-bit version of Parrot 5.0 Architect.

Oh it’s embarrassing, I’ll have to check that I downloaded virtualbox 64 and not 32.

Thank you guys

Thank you, all works now!