Parrot desktop environments - parrot-interface-stub

I have a question about install and uninstall desktop environments in this new Parrot 4.10, can you explain me how is the proper way to install and remove parrot desktop environments?
I recently tried “apt install parrot-kde” and is working fine but I want to remove “parrot-mate” without messing ruining my KDE packages or interface.

apt remove parrot-mate ?
apt purge parrot-mate ?
apt purge --autoremove… ??

Also I want to know about “parrot-interface-stub”, how it works? Should I need to install that before remove | parrot-mate | parrot-kde | or any other ??

well you can do remove
remove will remove just remove the package itself
purge will remove configs and data files
purge --auto-remove will remove configs and data and its dependencies

it is not necessary to install parrot-interface-stub while removing
Parrot-interface-stub is a package that just keeps parrot-interface as it is even if desktop environments are removed.

but suppose say, if you want to install mate and remove kde
after you remove kde, you put
sudo apt install parrot-mate
while installing this meta-package parrot-mate, it automatically installs parrot-interface-common package

even though for sure
you can install parrot-interface-stub and install the required desktop environment as per your wish

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