Parrot distro choice for Anonsurf


I am new to Linux, and I am looking to divorce myself form Microsoft, and Parrot’s OS choices are on my short list of replacements. I am also considering MX Linux.

What caught my interest is Parrot’s Anonsurf feature, which, if I understand correctly, turns the OS into a Tor machine (similar to the Tails distro).

I do not need the numerous tools in the Security version of Parrot. So my questions are:

  1. Does the Home version of Parrot include the Anonsurf feature?
    If yes, then my choice of a new OS is made.
    If no, is it simple to add?

  2. If the only choice for getting the Anonsurf feature is to install the Security .iso, will that OS run the same as the Home version? In other words, can I just ignore all of the security applications, and use it the same way as the Home .iso can be used?

  3. Ignoring the security tools (and ignoring the desktop choice), would that make the Home .iso basically the same as the Security .iso?

I am looking for a stable, versatile, spyware free, open-source alternative to Windows, and would love to have it include the Anonsurf feature. But I do not know if the Security version comes at the cost of something that is included only in the Home version.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Both have Anonsurf as it is a Parrot tool :slight_smile:

Parrot Home would likely be a good choice for someone not as interested in pentesting.

An idea: Try both out by burning each to a usb and booting to that USB running a “Live” (non install) experience. This way you can compare.

Add the tools you like using graphical package manager or apt command.

Search for packages using:

apt search packagename/description

install one you like:

apt install packageNameHere

Change your mind and want more tools on top of Home:

apt install parrot-tools-full
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Additional Meta-packages
Screenshot at 2020-06-28 jhd7td Screenshot at 2020-06-28 ye4734yu Screenshot at 2020-06-28 ysfw21

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I am new to Linux. So running the various versions “live”, or on a virtual machine, will not help me. I will be spending my time learning the basics.

So I want to make the right .iso choice, right out of the gate. It will probably take six months to a year before I can make good use of the power of Linux, and do not want to regret my .iso choice at that time.

If the Security version is the same as the Home version, except that it has all of the extra security tools, then I might as well install the Security version. I could ignore those security tools until I learn enough to use them. Is that a correct assessment for how the Security .iso differs from the Home .iso?

Can you (or anyone) tell me if the Security version omits any functionality the comes with the Home version? Will installing the Security version mean I will miss some nice feature that is unique to the Home version?

Thank you.

yeah the difference between the security and the home is basically the tools
other than that all seems same

Thank you.

How would i go about uninstalling some of the tools that i wont be using after a parrot-tools-full install?
much of it i’m just not ready for,so i’d like to get that space back…

anything that come as a package like hydra,i can handle the removal of,but things like airbase-ng,or aircrack-ng,i just dont know how to remove…?
i don’t want to run a purge command for parrot tool ,i’m pretty sure that would remove things i actually use from the lighter version…

also,what about moving tools to a secondary external harddrive?
for example,like a rooted android that has apps stored to a microsd rather than internal storage,could that work here with an old hard drive,usb stick,or microsd card?
would a hard drive also need to be configured to ParrotOS if so,for a seamless transition during usage?

sorry for the lengthy question,but any feedback is much appreciated…