Parrot for Rpi

Hello i just want to ask where can I find download link for Parrot on Rpi because on this link:
nothing displays on my computer. I want to know whether it is just problem of my browser or there are really no files to download.
Thanks for all help

Thanks for fast response … are there any plans when it will be released ?

Unfortunately not unless we can recieve more people assisting with armhfs and android system devs can we even speculate a tentative date

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Oh i see , anyways thanks again for information and hopefully you will find enought people to finish it as soon as possible.

i’m a noob, got to get my skills up… would love to be able to help out

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Absolutely! Start studying armhfs development and you will be on 6our way

What language is requried to know if i would like to help you or do you have any good source from which i could learn the basics and so on?