Parrot is laggy and unstable - re-install

Hi I have to reinstall parrot os as it’s very laggy sometimes and reboot itself.
I put all my files into windows disk as I have dualboot also virtual machine vdi files which I use on linux. What I want to tell is:
In parrot os when I used virtualbox with windows 10 it’s loaded about 6 mins, then inside vm windows was very laggy and it was very hard to work on my VM. Now I make a test and installed virtualbox on my windows 10 dualboot and I run same vdi file which was on linux, and I cannot believe how fast and stable this VM 10 work, Windows 10 takes max 20 seconds for startup, no any lags on vm and main windows host. This virtual machine work like a charm on windows host. I love parrot even it’s sometimes laggy and unstable, do you have same problem with your parrot Os? How your parrot os work? Do you use parrot OS as your main OS? I want to hear your opinion about Parrot.


Hello dear friend,

First, ain’t “laggy” and “unstable” a little bit big words for a charming OS like Parrot that is able to be counted as the second best among all others?

Second, i assume you should first think about your installation process “was it clean?” “were you able to install it without a single error etc?” Or are you taking your pc capability into account? If answer is yes to all, then you may be accurate concerning your indictments.

Finally, if you are using it as your every day OS, shouldn’t you have installed Parrot OS Home? I hope you are not using Security distribution as your main OS although it gives a feeling of being appropriate for every day use, you shouldn’t forget its main aim as a pen tester who i hope you are.

Last words, if you are feeling better while using windows 10 and thinking it is more fruitful for your work, then why are you struggling by carrying on using it as a main OS? Just go on the one you feel safer!


I think you understood me wrong buddy. Don’t pretend to tell me that I feel safer in windows 10 because is not true, I does not speak about safety because parrot is leader in that. I speak about stability and lags on my parrot OS also about VM machine that is very hard to work with on my linux. I know there is many people who use Parrot security as main OS and their linux work great, I ask because maybe I’ll know some tips from another user what to do, to avoid lags and problems which I struggle. Installation was clean, and parrot work great in few first months.
Parrot security is my main OS, I downloaded couple days ago Parrot home edition, and will install it during the weekend and will see if that’s will help.

I run Parrot Sec on my desktop as it’s single OS. I also have a Win 10 laptop that I do every day stuff on. I have no issues on either. Each lags every once in a while, but it tends to pick back up shortly.

My biggest issue has been me. The learning curve that I am experiencing with Linux as a home computer is quite great. So I run into issues quite often as I don’t understand everything yet. And that is when I turn to these forums because there is always someone smarter than me in here.

The only VM I have running on my Parrot is the GNS3 VM which I am still setting up. But once that is set up I will be spinning up some Cisco VM devices while creating some Windows VMs and other Linux VMs to create a home network.

How much RAM do you have? Running a bunch of VMs can cause it to eat up memory.

It’s crazy but I can run three virtual machine at same time with windows 10 in windows 10 :slight_smile:
without any lags. I have 8 Giga Rams. I downloaded parrot security VM and it runs also very well on VM. I think I messed up something in my parrot before, will install it again on dualboot. At now I have lots of work on VM so I will stay for a while in windows. I downloaded from Github couple of .bat scripts to turn off all spying from Windows 10. Anyway I am sure I’ll be back very soon into my parrot :slight_smile:

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