Parrot KDE too dark too small fonnts overall!

I try latest version of Parrot OS (KDE) on laptop but the color scheme and the fonts made me mad! Why so darkness and why so small fonts???
I installed Openoffice too but it was completely unreadable, too dark too.
Is there a better configuration bright as in Windows or I have to configure myself every single program I wish to run?

  • ParrotOS iso in use:

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you can install any theme, and change font size
u can change anything that you are able to see, just explore it a bit more, not just making it…

u can make it better to best in many things, kde has more customizations than windows.

that is the first thing I ever change,
in Plasma you have, preconfigured Themes, and also can change every detail very
easily at once, so no problem at
even the very anoying feature of ParrotOs where you get the title-bar buttons
on the left : - / : - ))) anyhow not a big problem :slight_smile:

title bar buttons? u can change that in not just plasma but any DE

I know, I just ever use Plasma, sorry I just generalized things

Thank you for trying to help, I am looking only for simplicity, I think I found some Themes working somehow satisfactory but still remains some irritating details as for ex. the titles above the icons for toolbar in LibreOffice etc.

I suggest plasma firefly dark theme, the menu icons for LibreOffice, you can choose separately in Libreoffice-Settings