Parrot not seeing unallocated HD during dual boot install.

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I’mattempting to install parrot os dual boot with windows 10. im getting an error saying no partition howeveri have 49 g unallocated. any ideas?

  • ParrotOS iso in use:
    Security KDE 4.11

  • Application used for flashing the iso:

Balena etcher

Follow our guide for Dualboot with Windows - Parrot Documentation
Let us know if you have any further issues.
If you have an UEFI system, be sure that your hard drive is formatted with GPT partition table.

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It is properly formatted and I’ve done everything according to the installation guide. My bios does not have the csm option. Secure boot is turned off.

When I need Windows for work or want to use any other operating system, I prefer running it as a virtual machine (which actually works quite nicely from Parrot OS). So, I do not have any direct experience dual booting a Linux system. However, these articles might help:

Interestingly, the first begins: “One of the most confusing and intimidating parts of installing Linux for dual-booting with Windows is the disk partitioning required” (Watson, 2016). I myself have been struggling to run Alpine as a virtual machine for comparable reasons. I’ll figure it out eventually. Hope those articles help you do the same for your dual boot of Parrot with Windows.

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I’ll watch them. Hopefully it will help. Thank you for your time.

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