Parrot OS Dual Monitor AMD/INTEL

Hi folks, I’m trying to set up two monitors with Parrot os (just installed). In the beginning only the left monitor was working, then I reconfigured xorg.conf and now the right monitor became the primary and the right one is just on with backstreet ( I can just use the mouse, I can’t move windows and nothing else, only the cursor is working, see pic 1)

But, if I run the following commands:

  • xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0
  • xrandr --output DVI --right-of HDMI

This happens:

Any ideas? How do I set up the second monitor that starts with the OS? And how do I fix the issue with the primary one when I turn on manually the second one?

Thanks everyone.

What do you get if you open menu, search “display” and open Displays window?
Here is my PC setup: 3 monitors, Nvidia GTX 1060

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