Parrot OS Installation- No function keyboard and touchpad

Hi, i want to install latest Parrot OS on my new notebook. Win10 already installed. (Dual Boot).
When iam in Parrot OS Graphical Installation, my keyboard or mouse is not working.

I dont know why?

(Notebook i7 10750H, 32GB RAM, 2x 1TB M2 SSD, 2070 nVidia 8GB, 144Hz Display)

Parrot Security MATE ISO

USB Stick flashed with balenaEtcher

multiboot yes (win 10 x64 2004)

Secure Boot ist off, also uefi fast boot is off.

Any ideas?

Welcome Christoph :slight_smile:

Have you tried booting to Live version of Parrot to check if the problem reoccurs there as well?

If so, you may need to look into required drivers for Linux. This is rare, but still happens.

Look up your computer model compatability with Linux to find out what model keyboard/mouse it comes with. Then check into Linux compatability for them.

Hi RightToPrivacy,

thx for your tip.

I installed ParrotOS with USB Keyboard. So touchpad is working fine, but keyboard only sometimes. It looks like i have a Tuxedo RGB Keyboard, so there some special drivers i read, but i have to search for them ^^

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