Parrot_Os not going into try/install mode

By the way this is my first time useing parrot os
so when i start putting the usb drive in well once it is in i go to my bios to set the boot order and after i boot into the parrot os drive i click “Try/Install” and it freezes for one second and then it goes back to the menu can anyone help this is annoying and i am trying to learn pentesting with this os im a pretty decent programmer but i dont do much with files and os stuff

Hi! How did you create/format the usb? Check the documentation: How to create a Parrot USB drive - Parrot Documentation

I did it properly i followed a bunch of yt tutorials and read the documenation and stuff

I had the same issue when i downloaded newest parrotSec
When going to try/install i get bussybox console
Luckly i have older versions of parrotSec ISO on my usb so i used older one which work properly