parrot os on rasberry pi

i manage to find out the password and user name but i cant get pass that is not booting in parrot OS and on the download page is 0 info about how to install in that.

normaly you only have to flash the downloaded file to the sd with etcher.
i am not sure but it should configured to auto login

tryed that but is not working

even the user and password is different from what you find on forums

here is i do what this guy is doing but is not working after getting with password user…

is not loading the full OS of parrot is keep staying at the same point.

i have contact the devs. pls be patient

pls checkout the telegram group for help.

@rowie sry but i am not going to install telegram just to find a way to use parrot os on a pi. not worthed

maybe in the future it will by fix who knows but for now i will stay with kali since i cant use parrot.

there is also a webclient! :wink:

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