Parrot OS VirtualBox Black Screen Issue


I have just installed Parrot OS for VirtualBox but I am running into a problem. When I boot the machine it fails to reach the login screen instead displaying a black screen with an error. (I have attached a screen shot to this post showing this).

The version of Parrot I downloaded is 4.7, I have checked virtual boxes settings and everything appears to be in order, I have also attached a screenshot of them to this post.

I downloaded the .ova file from the parrot website and verified it using the hash so I am sure it is not corrupted.

Apparently there is an issue with the CPU’s anti-spectre and/or meltdown mitigations with the guest’s virtual CPU which can’t load the mitigations because it’s only virtual…or so I suspect…

Im not sure how to solve this but I think this is a virtualbox flaw
I foudn this for you

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