Parrot Setup is really hard

I really love Parrot OS, but i HATE the setup of it!!!

Why do all my machines with Parrot OS ALWAYS boot to initramfs first?
To fix this i have to go through a hell of a lot of work, including booting to LIVE and moving initrd file to boot folder…

Honestly, why make a OS thats SOOO hard to setup??!?

Why is this?
How can i fix it?

Which version are you trying to install? This bug was fixed in final version of 4.7.
Make sure to verify the checksums of iso you have downloaded. I too have downloaded wrong 4.7 iso(maybe due mirror, or wrong filename) and ran into this problem. If hashes mismatch, redownload from right mirror and try again.


Thats right, downloading 4.7 solved the problem. But i keep having to reinstall the os due to errors with graphics drivers…

That is a bit more of a different problem to solve, and will depend mostly on your graphics hardware. Some graphics cards are better supported than others. For example, prior to the 4.x kernels, I had to download proprietary drivers to get my graphics to work properly, and getting that all set up wasn’t exactly a picnic. Since 4.x they’ve added very good drivers for my graphics hardware built-in. I imagine you’re having a similar issue that I was having previously.

Either way, to even attempt to fix this, we’re going to need some details about your hardware so we at least have a place to start. That way we can see if it’s supported, how well it’s supported, and what needs to be done to get it working properly.

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