Parrot Tweaks and Set Ups In Virtual Box

Great Product

I am running the Parrot latest version on a Project Laptop ( win 64 Bit ) sand boxed in Virtual Box mainly as a carry over for processing tasks

I made the mistake of seeting the Virtual disk to 20 GB . what is the recommended size for an install like this ? Is there any way to change the allocation in Virtual Box after it has been assigned ? and a quick final what is the recommended way opf for example shifting the PCAP flles out of Parrot ( Thoughts USB ?? Bluetooth ?? etc probably via Virtal Box extension Pack )

Thank You in advance

Re: How to move files to Vbox from Host?

Install guest additions the see the following: … redfolders

How do I increase the hard disk size of the virtual machine?

I set my Parrot virtual disc at 50GB

Hope this helps!

Re: How to move files to Vbox from Host?

Thank you for responding thats a big help the videos I seen said about 20GB was plenty but with the low disk space warnings I think you are correct 50GB plus . Thanks again for taking trouble to reply much appreciated