ParrotOS 4.6 wifi disconnecting

I have a 4.6 x64 version (security) of OS. From few weeks found that wifi disconnect randomly (no answer , no ping … wifi icon is like connected)
After disconnect connect again network is back again for some time.
How / where to search for issues ??

The answer is, well, … most of hardware devices doesn’t write driver for Linux properly. I used a laptop that used bcm43142 wireless device and it had that problem as well.

ok but … always is but :smiley: … the wifi was working properly for some time and after few updates of Parrot it goes to work like that on 1’st post :smiley:

tengo el mismo problema, pero me pasa al actualizar mi parrot os, osea instalo el parrot 4.6 luego le doy sudo update me actualiza todo y comienza a perder conectividad mi wifi

Actually it doesn’t because it happens randomly. Sometime the environment is the same, some time system is upgraded but the bugs haven’t been fixed.

So … then maybe some (all wifi drivers update) on Parrot OS distribution to download ?

It should be from Debian side

I too have had few issues with drivers about an year and a half ago on a different OS because my laptop was fairly new. Downloading driver caused much of a pain to be honest. The OS did push an update and got the thing fixed. Look up your wireless card using lspci command in terminal to see what wireless & other drivers you have. Maybe hit google with a search about your wireless card driver for Linux. That’s how I got around temporarily my wifi issues.

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