ParrotOS 4.9 Beta Testing


Are you wonder why we stepped up to 4.9?
Here’s a quick changelog:

  • New installer
  • New Anonsurf
  • Fix duplicated launchers in menu from Debian side
  • Fix icon in brisk menu
  • Removed some Python2 tools
  • Other minor bug fixes
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: :arrow_down:


AnonSurf changelogs

Screenshot at 2020-04-27 04-08-07
A small bug in new installer: sources.list is having our source list which should be in sources.list.d/parrot.list. Both are having the same data.

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Screenshot at 2020-04-27 04-09-55
Local file wasn’t fixed

some minor improvements to the new calamares installer will be included in the final release :slight_smile:


IMO we should make beta 2 to make sure everything is fine first

are there any news concerning debian, devuan, LTS to parrot 4.9?

best regards

Image: Parrot-home-4.9-beta1_x64.iso
Boot: USB
Installer type: Standard (at boot)

  • after the first boot bluetooth have 2 icones in the bar menu

  • after eatch boot keyboard is in QWERTY and not AZERTY ( french like my config say )
    libreoffice is in english too

Capture du 2020-04-27 19-33-20

  • checkIP show popup with nothing "AnnonSurf myip is "

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo for what 4000 update in 1mounth ? why why why

we have to follow our upstream software distributors, and if debian releases a lot of updates, we have to be fast to include them as well

language bug fixed

keyboard selection bug fixed

calamares installer slides improved and fixed

new updates and fixed from debian imported

i am now building the beta2 images, stay tuned


Screenshot at 2020-04-26 22-47-46

@dmknght - The 4.8.1 ISO didn’t have NoScript, Ublock Orgin, and Privacy Badger preinstalled in Firefox. I’m unable to try out the beta 4.9 ISO at the moment, has this been addressed?

Lastly, I want to say how happy I am to see this system and community grow and mature since I started using it in 2015. It’s gotten better and more polished since the days of “hacker neon” everywhere. :slight_smile:

Beta 2 release is here
Let me test the script problem. I confirmed the plugins had problem before on my machine after an update and we have to fix it

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Confirmed on 4.9 - live mode

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Spotted the Fix. Palinuro is working on it right now :smiley:

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It is fixed