ParrotSec Virtual mouse and keyboard drivers?

Had this Epic idea? How about ParrotSec create “Virtual mouse and keyboard drivers” (within Parrotsec OS?) That will cut the “security flaw” through these devices? Right?

IF this is possible then? Whatever you do with the keyboard and mouse (drivers) goes through this “Virualdriver” like “whonix”? perhaps ever 2 “virtualboxes” so everything that goes through the mouse and keyboard-devices (drivers), (within this “virtualbox”) is 100% secure? That will cut the “security flaw” 100% with the mouse and keyboard? Right?

Because? for an example? The mouse interface/driver is flawed (as we know) if you click Any-thing within a browser, it will send data from the mouse-driver to the browser? (same with keyboard?) IF this is possible? To create a virtualbox-driver for the mouse and keyboard-devices, this “security flaw” would be totally eliminated?? (in the future ParrotSec?)