Partir os dual boot

Hi, please I’m already running my pc on dual boot between windows and ubuntu I would install parrot in place of ubuntu I thought it would be same but something doesn’t work I can’t start in live mode and a message appear in the screen
x86/cpu: VMX (outside TXT) disabled by bios
And I’m in a sort of terminal (initramfs)

you removed UBUNTU or not?

No i didn’t, at all cases the partition will be rested automatically when installing parrot. The problem I had is that my bootable usb was on uefi I made it in Fat 32 and it functioned well, so now I would just know how to select the flags for the partitions please, I already have 3 primary partition in my hard disk regardless the partition containing ubuntu. Please for my configuration can I create swap partition and an ext4 or it will be better to just add a primary partition on btrfs, Thank you for your help

well a standard installation on an uefi system basically contains 3 partitions
one for the efi that is to be mounted at /boot/efi (500 mb(
the next is the root partition (your size) and the final one is swap (depending on your usage and ram capacity) is you need
you can create additional home partition as well

Okay thank you so much

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