Porting ParrotOS to Orange Pi 3 (ARMv8-A)

So a while back, looked at the Orange Pi ARM builds, to find that there was only a README file. I recently bought an Orange Pi 3, and was hoping to find a Parrot OS build for the OPI 3. I looked in the OPI ARM builds and there was still only a README file. The date for the upload of the file is “2018-Oct-14”. Is the OPI port is discontinued? Or was it never ported in the first place?

I noticed that there is a headless build for the Raspberry Pi armhf. Is it possible to port Parrot OS to OPI 3 (ARMv8-A)? I have the free time to port and compile it. Is there any documentation on building or porting ParrotOS? I tried to go to the “Dev” tab on the parrotlinux.org main page, but received a 500 error stating: " Whoops, something went wrong on our end."
The link to all the specs of the OPI 3 is on the official OPI website.
Any help would be appreciated!

Please correct me if I posted this in the wrong category or with the wrong tags. This is my first time posting in this forum.


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