Possible Extra features

Hey guys how things going???

So I was thinking, what possible features Parrot OS is missing?? like those small extras yet important add-ons if I may say, that would make the OS better as whole.

I am thinking about another layer of protection that is built-in-to the OS that would act as a filter for all In-coming and Out-going traffic against unwanted applications, cookies, ad/spyware, potentially specific designed codes that would harm the OS or negatively affect its performance or stability.


A firewall essentially? Never have enough in my opinion, well until you make it a little too bothersome and difficult for packgs to say or listen to anything outside your super sandbox haha but in all seriousness I am quite thrilled to see what new heights we can take torrifying with our collaboration with Whonix!

parrot provides the gufw firewall by default, it is a graphic user interface for the ufw firewall, which is a very powerful and easy to use (read: idiot proof) iptables wrapper

Right, i was asking if he meant like a firewall (I’m pretty sure what he described fits the definition) and I got sidetracked with my excitement on reading some of the docs on whonix regarding tor haha. Apologies I’ll make sure to improve my clarity of meaning and thought separation in the future!

Whoa what? My installation has neither ufw or gufw…?

Hey guys, i’m thinking a new event/task scheduler… really helpful if u have something important to do and you tend to forget a lot.

Sticky notes included. Very helpful.

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Yes. Parrot needs sticky notes

Sticky-notes is preinstalled on Parrot, comes with mate-applets package.

Rigth click on panel -> Add to panel -> Sticky notes


We need a sticky notes with an alarm trigger, one that appears to remind u if something… and thanks for the info😊

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If you do this, +1 happy user :smiley:

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I will see what i can do… :wink::blush:. Thanks for motivating me bud :blush: where i can get the code for sticky note?

good luck :smiley:

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Oh thank you very much, just one more NOOBISH question, what language did you write stick note with?

This applet is writen in C
But any other language should work

I was thinking about it. The user can either manually set the time, day, week, month, year. Or he can use the calender built with-in the system. Where he can simple navigate to the day he was in the month & year he wishes; right click that day and select an option (“Add Event”). After which sticky notes start up, he writes whatever he wants and clicks save. Then a pop-up appears asking the user to enter the hour to launch sticky note, thus reminding him of that event.

What to be coded:

  1. The button with-in the calander saying:“Add Event”.
  2. Linking that button. Like OnClick trigger, launch sticky note… user enter data then after saving.
  3. Pop-up asking for the hour with 3 inputs fields:
    3.1. Hour field min=00 and man=23.
    3.2. Minute field min=00 and max=59.
    3.3. Second field min=00 and max=59.
  4. An if statement controlling the relation between second, minute,and hour:
    4.1 if (Second==59 && Second++)
    Return Minute;
    4.2. if (Minute==59 && Minute++)
    Return Hour;
    4.3.while (Hour=<23)
    Return Hour;
    } Hour==00;
    return Hour;

P.S. I have the logic but the languagung skills… not that good. Plus I have this nasty flu, and i can not think straight. Good Luck.